SEO White Label Reseller Program

This plugin and/or its white-label counterpart are a great way for existing web design or SEO businesses to earn more from their clients as they further help them and we strive to keep our product a win-win-win proposition for businesses, professional SEOs and ourselves. We realize that SEOs provide value beyond what our plugin can help do, like with keyword research, for instance. Below is a paraphrased script of what the agency behind this plugin has had success with selling the plugin to clients.

“Hey — we have a new plugin that makes websites rank for like every city they serve by showcasing their work in a local portfolio that makes it easy for your website visitors to see your reference testimonials & projects near them. It’s $50 per month (cancel any time) and we can set it up for you for $250. You can even see how good it’s working for us if you search for like any local city for our terms — or we can show you our other clients its already working for. Do you want us to set it up for you? Yes? Ok — please email us your projects and testimonials / reviews along with the city / state of who gave them, (or perhaps we can just grab them from somewhere already online). After we set it up, we can also show you how to keep getting more testimonials, feedback and good reviews with the tool as well. If you want, we can also do a link building campaign for your site after we launch this to help it to rank even higher.”

If the customer wants more information, you can refer them to the white label version web page, which avoids mentioning the Automatic Optimizer, but includes those features nonetheless in the tucked away “Bonus Tools” section. We label that section “Bonus Tools” instead of “Automatic Optimizer” in the white label version. It’s up to the reseller to tell the client about those “Bonus Tools” if they want. The white-label version also doesn’t have our SEO advice content nor a link to SEMRush, as in theory such analysis is part of the advanced value the SEO is providing.

In the theoretical example pitched above, the white label version is used with the affiliate program so while it costs the seller $4 per month, they are pocketing like $46 in profit per month from the client — about $500 per year or $3,000 over 6 years, not including what they might earn from executing a link building campaign for the client. If they sold it with tiered pricing based on traffic like how we price it, they stand to possibly earn even more on a pay-for-performance basis if they priced things accordingly. Podium charges like $300 per month for just like the Reputation Builder feature alone, so there seems to be a lot of room to earn money as value-added reseller on this. For resellers that don’t know SEO well or those who want to save time, those “Bonus Tools” can be your secret tool for getting done with basic SEO tedium in record time. By being an SEO who implements a platform like this for clients, you are not only able to provide solid tools at a reasonable price, but you also solve the problem of ongoing SEO (which few SEOs do for small businesses as they publish more pages, blog posts, etc.) which can give you a significant competitive advantage on bids. The plugin can be downloaded from the Best Local SEO Tools download page.

For those who prefer to sell this as affiliates with affiliate links, we have a program for that as well which gives a 50% cut! The affiliate program is the recommended way for influencers to earn money through links to our software, ideally through a honest review or demo of the product.

The main area to be cautious about overselling the local SEO power of this is to brand new websites that lack backlinks and sites targeting especially competitive terms. If it looks risky, we suggest pricing it as a reseller with less of a setup fee.