How one review tripled our business

We went from an unreviewed plugin in the WordPress plugin directory to getting our first 5-star review. Since then, our download rate like tripled overnight, as shown in this graph from the plugin repository.

7 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing the Future of SEO

1) Image Content Analysis, Entity Recognition, & Corresponding HTML Tagging

Tagging images is a lot of hassle. Our AI can automatically detect what is in the images on your website and describe it in terms of what it contains in a way that not only helps vision-impaired users to comprehend your website, but which also helps search engines to rank your content better.

2) Automatic Optimal Pagerank Sculpting

Pagerank sculpting is the practice of architecting links to pages on your website based on their importance. If search engines think that a page is important, it will rank higher. If they don’t think it is important enough, it might not even be indexed by the search engines! How can a small business know how much pagerank needs to be passed per page, especially as their website’s pagerank changes over time? No worries — our blog boosters and ecommerce boosters can automatically help with that, and we also have a patent-pending automatic system for that built into the local portfolio to help keep that content well-indexed as well!

3) Automatic Optimal Content Arrangement

Sometimes there are just best-practices for SEO for certain business types & content types, and software can remove the technical complexity of implementing them by just automatically taking your content and formatting it with a best-practice. Our software, for instance, automatically does this with small business reviews, testimonials and showcased work.

4) Intelligent Content Development Suggestions Through AI-Powered Content Analysis

Write great content they say, but it’s hard to know what to write about, especially if you’re a small business. Our software can automate deep keyword research and give you great suggestions for topics to write about, include on a page, or focus optimization on based on information from analysis of the page’s content and data on what people are actually searching for.

5) Deep / Ongoing Backlink Analysis Automatically Shaping Site Architecture

Backlink analysis is often a big-data problem which AI is naturally more suited for, and for small business owners, it is often seen as an esoteric art. Our software can automate backlink analysis and uses that data to automatically help a site maximize how many pages of quality content get indexed without going so far that search engines instead only index a few pages of the site.

6) Automatic Site / Content Optimization

If an old-school SEO guy optimizes your website, and then you add new services pages or add new posts to your blog, your site’s somewhat already no longer optimized. With AI-assisted SEO, you or your SEO guy can keep your website decently optimized even as you add new content!

7) Feedback Request & Review Prompt Automation

Getting reviews as a business is hard, and consumers are relying on the ratings of businesses to make their decisions. Asking for feedback and tracking that feedback by location/employee and asking the happy customers to leave a review at the right URL that’s easy for them to reach can be tedious. Our software gives an automated system for requesting feedback and reviews, and it can even be configured to intelligently request reviews just from customers who are already happy with your service, while giving you a chance to make things better with unhappy customers before they spread bad reviews about your business online. Good feedback can also be fed into our local portfolio system on your site to help strengthen your site’s SEO — especially for local rankings.

Why We’re The Best Local SEO Plugin for WordPress

Organic Local SEO is Stronger Than Maps SEO.

Did you know that studies show that the organic website listings get more clicks for local searches than the map-pack listings? Also, while sites rarely show up for more than one city on the maps, it’s quite possible to rank for all the cities you serve organically with our plugin. Unlike other SEO plugins, our plugin helps you to do just that!

You can check out the study for yourself here.

It’s The Easy & Automated Local SEO Plugin for WordPress

Yoast has powerful features, especially for publishers, bloggers & content marketers, and we provide a way to use our plugin with Yoast, but it’s extremely complex and daunting to many small businesses. Can you imagine if the iPhone came with as many buttons as Yoast has options? Businesses owners often install it and think that their site is optimized when there’s actually an enmormous amount of settings and SEO skills and HTML understanding and tough SEO lessons for them to learn to use it effectively. With Best Local SEO Tools, a small business can fill out just like 6 input fields about their business, and our plugin can do a very good job of optimizing their site, and we clearly guide the user through the process. It’s also built by someone who has done local SEO for over a decade, so even the little things like knowing that the geography keyword is better to list after the service keyword (2x the searches on average), or that your home page should also be used to target your biggest city and biggest term because that’s the page with the most pagerank which is needed to rank for the more competitive term, or being able to point out to a small business that their site has no chance of ranking a blog post for that pet keyword — and more — have all been baked into our easy-to-use product!

The Best Local SEO Tools Plugin for WordPress is Holistic

Further, our plugin is a complete solution for small business local SEO on WordPress. It not only helps boost organic rankings, but it also helps with reputation management and review generation (which are also widely believed to be ranking-increasing factors). It not only helps with optimizing your portfolio, but also with optimizing your blog posts. It not only helps with maps schema, but also helps with content creation idea generation. Please download the plugin today and give it a try — there’s even a powerful free version available!

Even Google Has Ranked Us #1 for Best Local SEO Plugin!

Number One Ranking in Google for Best Local SEO Plugin