The Best FREE AB (A/B) Testing Tool Plugin Software for WordPress

Who wants to spend $700 a year just to run A/B tests, and still be limited in how many visitors you can test? Further, because they depend on intalling javascript code, the existing solutions for A/B testing weren’t end-user friendly. Also because they use 3rd party javascript / servers, they also weren’t developer friendly! Who wants the worst of both world? The Best Local SEO Tools A/B Testing plugin solves this problem.

Better for End-Users

Better for Developers

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The truth is, we built this product to scratch our own itch and extend the power of our SEO robot.


Why We’re The Best Local SEO Plugin for WordPress

Organic Local SEO is Stronger Than Maps SEO.

Did you know that studies show that the organic website listings get more clicks for local searches than the map-pack listings? Also, while sites rarely show up for more than one city on the maps, it’s quite possible to rank for all the cities you serve organically with our plugin. Unlike other SEO plugins, our plugin helps you to do just that!

You can check out the study for yourself here.

It’s The Easy & Automated Local SEO Plugin for WordPress

Yoast has powerful features, especially for publishers, bloggers & content marketers, and we provide a way to use our plugin with Yoast, but it’s extremely complex and daunting to many small businesses. Can you imagine if the iPhone came with as many buttons as Yoast has options? Businesses owners often install it and think that their site is optimized when there’s actually an enmormous amount of settings and SEO skills and HTML understanding and tough SEO lessons for them to learn to use it effectively. With Best Local SEO Tools, a small business can fill out just like 6 input fields about their business, and our plugin can do a very good job of optimizing their site, and we clearly guide the user through the process. It’s also built by someone who has done local SEO for over a decade, so even the little things like knowing that the geography keyword is better to list after the service keyword (2x the searches on average), or that your home page should also be used to target your biggest city and biggest term because that’s the page with the most pagerank which is needed to rank for the more competitive term, or being able to point out to a small business that their site has no chance of ranking a blog post for that pet keyword — and more — have all been baked into our easy-to-use product!

The Best Local SEO Tools Plugin for WordPress is Holistic

Further, our plugin is a complete solution for small business local SEO on WordPress. It not only helps boost organic rankings, but it also helps with reputation management and review generation. It not only helps with optimizing your portfolio, but also with optimizing your blog posts. It not only helps with maps schema, but also helps with content creation idea generation. Please download the plugin today and give it a try — there’s even a powerful free version available!

Why SEOs should use Best Local SEO Tools ($4,500 more per client) & The Future of SEO

“Does that competing bid mathematically analyze trillions of keyword-to-page combinations to find value-optimal matches? Do they run A/B tests to see which page version brings in the most traffic & conversions? Does it have a reviews & reputation management solution that feeds into your SEO and ranks you for every served city?”

“That’s why you should choose with us — we use Best Local SEO Tools.”

With Best Local SEO Tools, SEOs can add significant value by setting up and deep-configuring the plugin with pruned keywords imported from Google’s Keyword Tool (which has even better keyword data) and then implementing the keyword assignments from the Automatic Analyzer, as well as generally keeping tabs on the deeper-level optimizations with site architecture. Picking the right keywords to target with the local portfolio is also still important, especially in businesses where that may not be obvious. Businesses also often likely still want designers / SEOs to help them integrate & style up their local portfolio as well.

The plugin also enables SEOs to do next-level optimizations of pages & content with its free SEO A/B tester, so just as carriage part manufacturers became automobile part manufacturers, we expect traditional SEOs to become AI-assisted SEOs that can provide an even better end-product to their customers as they guide them through an even better optimization process. As the plugin has like hundreds of options, it is likely going to still be worthwhile for even most small businesses to have an SEO who understands what’s going on and to help them configure everything, and with our generous 50% revenue shares, we expect them to make even more money from even happier clients. As the local portfolio pricing increases with performance, small business owner & SEO provider incentives are well aligned, and without much additional work, SEOs can earn up to $66 per month per client. Over 6 years, that’s like an extra earned $4,500 per client into the SEO’s pocket! Finally, we are also launching an optimized directory of our affiliate value-added-resellers to drive business and search traffic to our partners, so please sign up as an affiliate today and take your service offerings to the next level!

How to Get More Reviews & Testimonials Online

We know of many ways to help get reviews. One is to reward employees like $5 at weekly meetings based on the number of good reviews you get that mention their name. When they are servicing your customers, your employees can then mention that when they send the client our feedback survey and refer them to your reviews pages through our system.

On the customer service quality front, our real-time feedback reports provide another way to encourage fun competition among your employees, as these reports can be viewed in real time by your staff, and used as a basis for contests, bonuses and regular rewards for whoever is pleasing customers the best and thus generating good reviews and word of mouth for your company.

Why Web Designers, SEOs & Web Hosts Should Join Our Affiliate Program

Why not win more bids and make more money when the other guy’s proposed solution lacks functionality and can’t SEO for changes & updates? We also have a 50% affiliate fee commission for our value-added resellers!

Advanced controls and configuration settings also let professional SEOs continue to add value with our system. Designers can also do fancy theming with our portfolio system as well if the client prefers a non-standard portfolio. Resellers can theoretically charge a setup fee and/or rake in the handsome 50% affiliate fees on our reasonably priced software. We hope to have a directory of integrator affiliates available for purchasers to search through soon, so please sign up for our affiliate program today and start earning more money per client.