Why SEOs should use Best Local SEO Tools ($4,500 more per client) & The Future of SEO

“Does that competing bid mathematically analyze trillions of keyword-to-page combinations to find value-optimal matches? Do they run A/B tests to see which page version brings in the most traffic & conversions? Does it have a reviews & reputation management solution that feeds into your SEO and ranks you for every served city?”

“That’s why you should choose with us — we use Best Local SEO Tools.”

With Best Local SEO Tools, SEOs can add significant value by setting up and deep-configuring the plugin with pruned keywords imported from Google’s Keyword Tool (which has even better keyword data) and then implementing the keyword assignments from the Automatic Analyzer, as well as generally keeping tabs on the deeper-level optimizations with site architecture. Picking the right keywords to target with the local portfolio is also still important, especially in businesses where that may not be obvious. Businesses also often likely still want designers / SEOs to help them integrate & style up their local portfolio as well.

The plugin also enables SEOs to do next-level optimizations of pages & content with its free SEO A/B tester, so just as carriage part manufacturers became automobile part manufacturers, we expect traditional SEOs to become AI-assisted SEOs that can provide an even better end-product to their customers as they guide them through an even better optimization process. As the plugin has like hundreds of options, it is likely going to still be worthwhile for even most small businesses to have an SEO who understands what’s going on and to help them configure everything, and with our generous 50% revenue shares, we expect them to make even more money from even happier clients. As the local portfolio pricing increases with performance, small business owner & SEO provider incentives are well aligned, and without much additional work, SEOs can earn up to $66 per month per client. Over 6 years, that’s like an extra earned $4,500 per client into the SEO’s pocket! Finally, we are also launching an optimized directory of our affiliate value-added-resellers to drive business and search traffic to our partners, so please sign up as an affiliate today and take your service offerings to the next level!