Why Best Local SEO Tools’ New Plugin is The Best SEO plugin for WordPress

That’s what we reasonably believe and are going to show — that for most websites needing SEO, the new Best Local SEO Tools plugin provides the most value and is thus the best SEO plugin for WordPress. We understand that many might feel that plugins like Yoast are the best — especially if they’re a media site where we feel the value proposition is closer (yet also very distinct). Below is our 0-10 value scoring for the major products, which while are perhaps contenders for the title, are in truth generally more like complementary products.

Small Businesses (BLST/Yoast/AISEO/Squirly) ECommerce (BLST/Yoast/AISEO/Squirly) Pro Blogger / Media (BLST/Yoast/AISEO/Squirly)

Automatic Intelligent SEO 10/2/2/2 5/2/2/2 5/2/2/2

Pagerank Sculpting 10/2/0/0 5/2/0/0 10/2/0/0

SEO A/B Testing 10/0/0/0 10/0/0/0 10/0/0/0

Reviews Generation 10/0/0/0 10/0/0/0 1/0/0/0

Titles & Metas 10/10/10/10 5/5/5/5 5/10/10/10

Location Schema 10/10/0/0 10/10/0/0 0/0/0/0

Small Learning Curve 10/2/0/4 5/2/2/4 4/2/2/4

A/B Testing 10/0/0/0 10/0/0/0 10/0/0/0

Overall Scores 80/26/12/16 60/21/9/11 45/16/14/16